Significance of Fish in the spiritual world. It represents our birth and death for Salvation.

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Hi Brethren,

Salmon Fish, top quality, is born in Fresh water, sinless as we are born and then travels to sea to gather Treasures to bring back Home by swimming back to the place where she is born, deposits the eggs and dies for Salvation. Same is with us a Lesson in that everyone of us is to give his own account to God. Better gather good deeds that pleases our Father. Next Birth depends upon KARMA or deeds whilst in Christ Jesus when you eat His Juicy Flesh through your Ears, Mouth, and Digest it over your heart and then Preach Gospel explaing what our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus proclaimed, then we are Drinking the Blood of Christ from that very Cup. Or we are Mes. Christ Jesus but still Solitary Virgins as people are bound in the moral laws or the Letters whilst we are set Free in Spirit.

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In Jesus, we are solitary capable of entering into the Royal House of our Father. Fake Church Fathers are not solitary and we cannot have two Fathers in the Royal House of our Father. Master Fake Judas Iscariot was thrown out by our Father as he was not properly dressed for the Marriage of the anointed Son Christ Jesus to whom the Eleven chosen Virgins got married. Although they were married to the Son, yet they were Solitary Virgins. Saul got Holy Spirit at the Damascus experience and got Married to Christ Jesus. He was never Baptised or served Eucharist. Baptism and Eucharist is for the Jewish people for they were not the SONS OF ABRAHAM.

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