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watch this one and keep abreast of things at Hatricks show 2 to 4pm blog talk radio. ANONYMOUS are getting a Hard Sell right now by main stream MEDIA pushing them as HERO's....well its easy to be a fucking hero in a PRIVATE, NO QUESTIONS asked UNINCORPORATED TOWN where NO ONE GETS IN, there are no over seeing cops, and no tax laws. Like Sandy Hook, Like Aurora Batman, Like Columbine, Like STEUBENVILLE where this rape took place. Look closely at the photo holding the girls legs on the right....A COP. CIA is a BUNCH of PEDOPHILES...they are NO ONE. DO NOT TRUST THEM. DO NOT ANSWER THE DOOR TO THEM...AGENCY is fuck alll to you. U tell the PUBLIC SERVANT COPS what to do cause YOU PAY FOR THEM As for the GATEKEEPING TRUTHER COMMUNITY LIKE TRUTHERGIRLS, Dutchsinse etc...MONTY 'VARIETY' show....quite frankly to me he's just a dumbass. they are ALLL dirty. Keep a list. Plant names down below and we'll check em out and they will be announced on upcoming

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  • Attaboyslim#

    Attaboyslim January 26, 2013 8:18:27 PM CET

    Now Folks, before you get all bent out of shape and start calling her all sorts of names that label her unfairly, please allow me to explain. While the terms, "Tweeker", delusional, paranoid schizophrenic, lunatic, babbling idiot and bat shit crazy bone head may all be applicable, they don't quite encompass the entire picture. Likewise, the fact that the CIA is full of pure evil and Alex Jones is an annoying fuck, it is difficult to find them at fault for the issues here. More likely than not, the reason she has been locked out of her sites and no company on the planet will allow her to have a telephone in her name should bring it all into focus.

    Speaking on behalf of the Truth Movement; or, "Truthers", if you prefer, I can assure you that we do in fact, exist. The fact that, "Thumper", here, says we don't exist, should be proof enough that locking ones self in a closet and surviving on nothing more than spiders, belly lint and coffee, is an unhealthy lifestyle. If anyone knows this lady, please rescue her from this living hell and for Gods sake, get her away from a computer. Please use caution because the metamorphosis she has gone through may be unnerving. For best results, approach slowly, agree with everything she says and then offer her the Thorazine laced Little Debbie cakes. Once unconscious, quickly subdue and place in a straight jacket and feed intravenously for the remainder of her life.

    Oh, and be sure she is left alone at all times in a room full of Butterflies with the music of Englebert Humperdink playing non stop.

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