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  • Uploaded by Grey on Jan 15, 2013
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At first this UFO sighting appears to be a group of Balloons or a flock of birds. It becomes obvious that this event is clearly an "Unidentified Flying Object", often abbreviated UFO or U.F.O. This sighting was caught on tape in January, 2013.The UFO flies slowly to the right of the camera and appears to transform into a small object. The UFO takes off at a high rate of speed in about 22 seconds after the video starts In the this video you can see camera flashes coming from the top of the empire state building. One can only assume that there is more video or photos of this sighting. Please contact LookNowTV @ youtube if you have more evidence of this strange sighting. What is it? You decide! LookNowTV. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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