Obama Phone Lady Meets the Most Dangerous Man in America, Alex Jones

Michelle Dowrey, better known as "The Obama Phone Lady" meets "The Most Dangerous Man in America" better known as Alex Jones. Ms. Dowrey discovered more truth about the Globalist Agenda, and Barack Obama's role as the Teleprompter Reader in Chief in less than 24 hours spent with Alex Jones than she had in her entire lifetime.

Ms. Dowrey, who has a kind heart and a love for the truth now freely admits in this video that herself and countless millions of folks have clearly been decieved by President Obama. Therefore to the Transnational Globalist's who are hell bent on destroying the U.S. Economy as a prelude to ushering in their twisted vision of a New World Order, clearly Alex Jones is "The Most Dangerous Man in America" because Alex Jones has a heart of gold, and he loves nothing more than teaching his fellow Americans and Patriots worldwide the truth about the detestable corruption of The New World Odor!!!

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