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Aliens Caught on Tape! Aired on Montell Williams Confirmed by Sylvia Browne - UFO sighting

  • Uploaded by Grey on Jan 16, 2013
  • Hits: 2804

PLEASE COMMENT! Watch the UFO Videos and Aliens Playlist Here: Of UFO Videos, Aliens, Fingers Severed by Lasers and More..!UFO Sighting and Alien Footage Caught On Tape!UFO Story:While driving home late one night to her country home in Deer Trail, Colorado. This Coloradoan experienced an array of UFOs hovering along the hillside. Grabbing her video camera, she recorded what is believed to be a UFO Space Craft and Alien caught on video!Here is her story from her point of view.Watch RAW VIDEO: Trail Colorado has been the sighting of many UFO activity in Colorado. Light Trails, Flat Grey, and more.Check out the footage and visit the website:This is my footage on Montell Williams. We have all rights to this video and Alien Footage caught on tape.SEE ALL RAW VIDEOS HERE: UFO sightings ChannelAliens Left these Tags: ufo sighting UFO footage alien video "ufo sightings" "ufo footage" "Montell Williams" "Sylvia Browne" scary proof "extra terrestrial" abduction pictures "ufo hunters" "flat grey" "flying saucer" "x files" film formation amazing MUFON "close encounter" secret shocking "home video" "cute girl" "caught on tape" files recent NASA real actual "Unidentified Flying Object" "Deer Trail" Colorado "Alien base" Lights weird strange rare best Alien Sighting intense live dark funny ufos ovni aliens

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