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So, a couple of friends and were watching Jimmy Kimmel on ABC, and this weird thing started to happen, the audio dropped out for a good minute, and a voice began to speak. They could make out a couple of words, such as "guilt", "end", and "this is", as well as some vindictive laughing but they were in complete awe for a good 60 seconds, then we grabbed the cameras and started to record.This is what they got. Please help me find some witnesses, and to share any thoughts or opinions.*EDIT*This is not my video, just in case you were wondering.COMMENT ............It's as legit as it gets bud. I've never heard anything like it, I figured maybe it was some kind of error with the audio, but the audio was completely out of sync, and had some repetition to the weird voice. I really wish I had captured the whole thing, with the comprehensible words, "guilt" and "end", and the crazy laughing.What it was, you're guess is as good as mine.

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