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San Jose UFO Expo: John Lear Pt.2/4

  • -Marduk-
  • uploaded: Nov 13, 2008
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  • Luckieian#

    Luckieian November 27, 2010 5:10:00 PM CET

    The US Goverment has spent Trillions of dollars on high end technology and billions of dollars covering up the UFO trail. What do we have a £50 camera, a pc to troll the internet & a little luck. Im sure there is an agreement with the aliens not to draw attention to themselfs, no landing in or arround citys and with that freedom to fly earth. I dont agree with every thing i hear from John but at least hes got the balls to stand up and tell his story. Ive spent a great deal of time in the states and with militry personel who i would trust with my life. I have a Brother who works at Nellis & Edwards AFB belief me We Are Being Visited

  • Scottyp#

    Scottyp October 29, 2010 4:55:00 AM CEST

    ive searched the web site the living moon . com, and what he thinks are say a crane or a bridge, well hes got a vivid imagenation, because ive tried seeing what he says is there, some things are abit strange, but mostly its a grey blob or a line here and there, but to actually say for sure what he thinks they are is crazy, in my eyes theres no way you can determin what a light greyish blob mixed with a darker greyish blob with a rock or two in the frame is or isnt. no way!!! I know that john lear is a very wealthy man, so hes not doing it for the money, prestige maybe in the ufo comunity, or maybe he likes the limelite so much hes willing to sprout any kind of rubbish to get it. Why cant there ever be any real difinative proof, THATS WHAT WE WONT, NOT THIS CRAP!!!

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