YES it Doesn't Take a Genius to Work Out that the Earth is Changing BUT Don't Forget So are YOU!!

If You Listened to What People are Saying On the Net then You'd be Dead & Gone by Now With Good Old Comet Elenin or the NEW Comet that Peeps are Scaring Others With YU55 2005.. DON'T LET FEAR ENTER YOUR LIFE!!

All this Disinfo was Set Up to Instil Fear into Each of the Great Souls that Have Awoken Up, Who then Went Looking for the WHYS - WHATS & WHEREFORES & in Turn Found DOOM & GLOOM!! Top this ALL Off They are Taking Your Money too!!

Well YES the Earth is Changing BUT YOU are Apart of that Change!! ..Over the Coming Months into 2012 there is Going to be More & More Earth Changes BUT Whatever YOU Do Stay Calm & Ask for Guidance from Above 7 Within YOU & YOU We ALWAYS Receive!!

The Spiritual Awakening Begins with Some Kind of Uneasiness, a Generalized & Widespread Premonition that We are in the Final Times of a Cycle.

The Search for Truth Ultimately Leads to Spirituality & to a Door in Our Heart that Allows Us to Reach Another Type of Knowledge: the Inner One. Through that Knowledge We Can Achieve Mystical Experiences; those are Experiences from Our Soul or Spirit that Allow Us to Know the Mysteries of Life & Nature.

In Order to Reach that Knowledge, Many People Resort to Certain Practices: Yoga, Tai Chi, Relaxation, Meditation, Techniques to Activate Chakras, Astral Projection, etc.. All those are Helping Tools, but the True Awakening is that of the Consciousness. It is Achieved With Will, in a Rigorous Work Upon Ourselves that Enables Us to Grow Spiritually Until We Reach Inner Enlightenment.

Our Planet is about to Undergo a Process of Change. The Time for a New Era is Coming Close, a Period When Spirituality, Love & Peace Will Prevail. BUT Before, Great Sufferings Will Come to the Humanity Who Don't Have LOVE Within Them.. So Lift YOUR Vibrations to One of LOVE & LIGHT!!.

So Do YOU Wish to be Prepared for that.!? ..Are YOU Ready to Become SpirituallYOU.!?

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