Pro Gun Activists Threatened and Murdered

  • Uploaded by JustSense on Jan 17, 2013
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This is over the top and Ive never seen anything like this. People are on the Piers Morgan show on CNN openly joking about murdering Alex Jones with an assault rifle.Please contact CNN and demand that Piers Morgan be fired for this....CNN -- Contact UsWait for a human operator to come on the line at 404.827.1500Just found out you can also send in your request for Piers Morgan to be fired[CNN's Piers Morgan to be taken off air?]Read more at[STAND UP FOR YOUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHT WITH THIS POWERFUL T-SHIRT][New Shirt]Your Price $19.95[Infowars Magazine for January] YOUR COPY TODAY AND SPREAD THE TRUTH!![FIGHT FLUORIDE with "Clearly Filtered" - NEW ITEM[Strategic Relocation Documentary Film Featuring Joel Skousen] Price $19.95[COLD & FLU IMMUNE SUPPORT PACK]The Cold & Flu Immune Support Pack from EnerHealth Botanicals is a great selection of herbal tinctures to help maintain and support your body during cold & flu season. Price $99.95Your Savings $10.00Your Price $89.95**[START GETTING HEALTHY NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE]

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