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  • Uploaded by Marcydare on Jan 17, 2013
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THE EVIDENCE JUST KEEPS MOUNTING the puppet masters are pulling the obama puppet strings .he pretends to cry for those children that died in the school shooting yet he never sheds even a fake tear for any of those who have or continue to die because of him doing the bidding of the puppet masters wll street and the off shore banks .JP morgon chase wacovia JP morgon chase is the Rockefeller.s puppet master #1 puppet master #2 DA Rothschild's AND OBAMA IS THE GRAND PUPPET OF THEM ALL. DID YOU ALL FORGET THAT DEPOPULATION IS THEIR END GAME HERE THROUGH WAR AND FAMINE AND SICKNESS .WHY do you think they want to disarm us once our guns are gone the mass extermination and imprisonment WILL BEGIN .. OUR GOVERNMENT IS OUT OF CONTROL AND SOON IT WILL BE DRONES SHOOTING OUR FAMILIES OVER HERE SOME SOLDIER IN SANDI AGO IS GOING TO BE SITTING IN HIS COMFORTABLE DRONE PILOTS CHAIR FLYING A PREDATOR DRONE OR SOME POLICE OFFICER SOME WERE WHEN THE ORDER TO KILL YOU OUR YOUR FAMILIES JUST TO MAKE OTHERS FALL INTO LINE OR BECAUSE YOU SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION OR THE 1ST 2ND 3RD OR 4TH AMENDMENTS AND THEY CAN'T HAVE THAT NOW CAN THEY .WAKE UP . the time to fight back and take bake our government is now before they
declare a full hardcore martial law. remember all those foreign troop like the russians that the department of defense admitted were here training for civil unrest to be used here not Russia. doubt me Google it see for your self .evil is running ramped and you are the agenda or rather THE ELIMINATION OF YOU IS THE AGENDA . THIS VIDEO AS WELL AS THE VIDEO BELOW THIS ONE PROVES HOW IN OUR FACES THEY HAVE BECOME THEY DO NOT BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL OR CAN DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT .WHEN OUR ACTING IS THEIR BIGGEST FEAR AND CAUSES THEM MAJOR PANIC . YOU ALL NEED TO ACT NOW!!!

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