Your Govt Bought By Religious Money Changers - Anonymous [Morris Herman]

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Submitted anonymously - and read out by Morris:
Americans are in a trance, not a dance. The dance would be fine. A dance of death. But to sit there and take what the government is giving them is bullshit.

The reason the government has publicized their ammo purchase is to terrorize the American public into submission, followed by the surrendering of their guns. "Come out with your hands up, people."
They are saying.

They have made it quite clear that gun surrender is not an option, either you surrender your gun or you die. This is clear. We have seen the modus operandi in Katrina where the order was to take guns and KILL resistors, no argument allowed.

Deadly vaccinations too will not be an option; neither will microchipping be an option, despite many saying there will be a choice. Yes there will be a choice; be microchipped or die.
In the beginning it may simply be be microchipped or lose your job; be microchipped or be refused urgent or not so life threatening medical treatment; be microchipped or lose your benefits; welfare, food stamps, pension etc. But the ultimate plan is be microchipped or die.

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