First contact imminent: Pyramid UFO now filmed in Colombia
First contact imminent: Pyramid UFO now filmed in Colombia

Michael Cohen

An alien race that traverses the vast distances of space, in all likelihood at faster-than-light speeds and using star-gates, in giant pyramid or diamond shaped UFOs seems to be in the process of making contact with humanity.

Just over a week ago we reported on the enormous pyramid UFO that was seen and filmed above Xi'an in China. This sighting attracted the attention of UFO researchers worldwide.

Now, what appears to be a similar or the same UFO has been seen and filmed in the South American nation of Colombia (YouTube clip below). Like the Chinese sighting, this footage also shows a larger UFO being circled by a smaller craft. The event took place on March 9 of this year and, as can be heard on the clip below, made it onto the local news.

Nevertheless, many UFO enthusiasts are asking why these sightings are not being reported more widely, in light of their immense significance..

Most UFO researchers have conclude that the various pyramid UFOs seen recently above various cities across the globe are connected. The recent pyramid UFOs seen over China and Colombia are particularly similar and might well show the same craft. UFO researchers are generally clueless as to where the extraterrestrial race associated with these craft come from or anything else about them. Some have suggested this might be a new race engaging Earthlings, others link these craft with pyramids in Egypt and other ancient events, believing these 'ancient astronauts' are returning as a prelude to 2012.

Most UFO researchers suspect that world governments are hiding what they know about alien and UFO visitation from the general public. These open, obvious displays have led many to come to the conclusion that aliens themselves are about to make their presence known to us, thus finally ending our isolation and conclusively answering the question: Are we alone in the universe?

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