1 Frank Chester Sacred Geometry

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You are warmly invited to join this special event on You Tube with Frank Chester who discovered a seven sided geometric form never seen before. Frank presents eight years of his research regarding this seven sided form. You will also see how geometry is interweaving between the physical manifestations and archetypes and how his research process has developed the quality which enables art to present intangible spirit in forms.
Topics presented include:
•Sacred geometry as an integration of art and science
•How the heart will be changed to a new organ enabling the perception of the etheric.
•Revelations on heart functioning as seen from geometrical dimensions
•Architecture based on the human heart
Frank shows how geometric forms can be used to develop sense-free thinking. He encourages young people to construct examples of geometric forms that can be transformed and inverted.
Frank Chester is an artist, sculptor and geometrician who lives in San Francisco. He has taught art in New York, Hawaii and California for the past 34 years. He is presently teaching sacred geometry at Waldorf teachers training programs in San Francisco Bay Area. See the original fottage on Network M internet site:
http://2007.youthconference.org/index... Also see:
http://www.yip.se/curriculum/contribu... July 11 to 17 2009 Frank will teach in Europe

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