Synagogue of Satan [NWO] Catholic JESUITS Settle For $166 MILLION for Child Abuse

Thanks to: Past satanic sexual abuse from the Jesuits they plan on making North America Catholic. The Jesuits and the Knights of Columbus have been working hard to "Make America ; Sister society of the Freemason-Templar Knights, after ...

Thanks to:

Past satanic sexual abuse from the Jesuits they plan on making North America Catholic.

The Jesuits and the Knights of Columbus have been working hard to "Make America Catholic."

Sister society of the Freemason-Templar Knights, after the Civil War the KGC became the Knights of the KKK to divide the Blacks from the Protestant Christians. The Templar society would often burn crosses to instill fear of anything Christian.

Papal Rome has always stated her intention to make America Catholic..."Our work is to make America Catholic...and our hearts shall leap toward it with crusader enthusiasm." (Bishop Ireland, Baltimore Catholic Council, 1890)

Any time there is mega-death in concentration camps this should be looked at? Historians are often quick to point at European Nazi wartime and Russian gulag camps. There have been, however, camps in early American history.

The French Revolution is important to fully understand early American history, as both happened in the same time period. Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin fully supported the French Revolution. After the American Revolution the capital city Washington was built in 1790. The French Revolution was just underway from 1789-1798.

The French Revolution was much bloodier than the American Revolution. The French Jacobins (Freemasons) used the guillotine to shed the blood of the French on an industrial scale. Knowing the French and American revolutions were ran by the same Freemason conspiracy, the American revolution did not go as planned. Unlike France, Christianity was not abolished, and there was no support for depopulation. Also a thorn in the side of Freemasons in Washington, each state retained sovereign rights. Specifically a problem was the Protestant "test oath" for political office, which kept Catholics and others out of politics, viewed as agents of Rome with less than American loyalties.

The US Civil War was for a time called the second American revolution. It was during this war the revolutionary Freemasons got their concentration camps and depopulation of the American Christians. The states lost sovereignty including the test oath. Soon after, the French Freemasons sent the Statue of Liberty as a gift of celebration.

These camps were part of the Military Knights' plan to make America Catholic. The post-war test oath required ministers to swear to obey Washington. Those who refused met with problems.

With this in mind, the Jesuits successfully established the Federal Reserve Bank, using proxies as a front.

[note:After the Civil War and reconstruction the papal knights next took the name Pilgrim founding the Pilgrim Society. It was this roundtable who founded the Federal Reserve, CFR & RIIA.]

In the USA a Protestant land - the majority of people in power are Roman Catholic. By 1994, in the US, the following had become reality:

Congress: Majority Roman Catholic
Supreme Court: Majority Roman Catholic
President's Cabinet: Majority Roman Catholic
Members of the Pentagon: Majority Roman Catholic

However, Roman Catholics are still only 26% minority in the American population. But on the south side is Mexico 90% Roman Catholic, and on the north side Canada 43% Roman Catholic. How could the process of making of America Catholic be hastened? Answered: Unite the three into one new nation.

The Council on Foreign Relations produced a document requiring President Bush and the U.S. Congress to dissolve the 225 year old United States as an independent nation. The CFR published its plan in a book, entitled Building a North American Community. Authored by three elite members of the New York-based organization, the book calls for the ending of American sovereignty and the overthrow of the American Constitution and government.

The Roman hierarchy knew that the older Protestants, who had read about the persecutions of the Dark Ages, and who knew some of the inside workings of the papal church, would never become Catholics. Rome's hope lay in capturing the younger generation. If the Papacy could cover up those dark pages of its history, when it waded in the blood of martyrs, and could appear in the beautiful modern dress of a real champion for liberty, as a lover of science, art, and education, it would appeal to the American youth, and the battle would be won.

The Jesuits, who through years of experience in Europe, have become experts in molding young minds, are now establishing schools everywhere, that are patronized by thousands of Protestant youth. They have also undertaken the delicate task of Romanizing the textbooks of our public schools, and books of reference, in order to cover up their past, and to whitewash the Dark Ages.

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