Leaked? NASA * UFOs/ OVNIS * High Resolution Images (DELETED)

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Set to 1080 to watch in HD truth.

These are High Res images that were found at the NASA Johnson Space Center Government site and have now been deleted.

These are the file names of the images shown to you in this video.


You can find the image files here. ftp://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/

Note: The page may take some time to load and may be slow at uploading images to you.

You can also check out this too, if you are having problems getting to the images.


I cannot say what these are but they appear much larger than one would normally see, and almost too large to be brought up in the shuttles.

Examine closely the images that I have the link posted for.

Some do appear as though they may actually be crafts and appear large enough to be just that.

Whether man made or extraterrestrial ..does not matter..
I know we will have a reality brought before us..that we have been "trained" to think is not real.

Turning a blind eye will be impossible.

I know ET and UFOs are real and here. I have seen crafts of all sizes and shapes and it has been through a my lifetime. From one that was miles big..to some that have speed we cannot touch. They can be right in front of me..less than 40 yards away..and in the blink of an eye shoot out up, away from earth..and be many miles in 1/10th of second.

I am not alone in this..There are many people around the world that have had close encounters of the 4th kind and all kinds.
Most abductees are too intimidated and frightened to talk publicly about them. The ignorant seem to intimidate some.
Being abducted is life changing and opens your eyes to things you NEVER have imagined. Hell..even the people that see crafts up close hardly tell a soul.

That's not me though..I will not stand down when truth is on the line.

With close encounters with crafts and extraterrestrials taking place through my life and then starting up again in 2002 and continuing to the present ...I could no longer keep quiet.

My own agenda is 1080 HD video proof as the world has never seen. Reality is..it is very much within my reach.

All one needs do is read my blog to learn about what I am talking about..and you will see my life is full of things that they say are not real..The obvious being to me.. is the one that I can truly trust....is ME.

I have a detailed 4 part series of my experiences, sightings abductions..and close encounters.

Just click here if interested.


OR Google "Taken By The Greys"

Peace all.

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