THC - The Stoned Ages

This documentary just goes to show U can't really argue with the fact DRUGS, and the MEDICINE MEN who use them, go far beyond the scope of the current status quo we find today. A great clip in here shows a DEA employee say that US citizenry decided to ban cannabis as a SHEEPLE - he being unable to connect the memes for the eventual end to alcohol's prohibition with those evident in respect of the popularity of weed for recreational use. 'Hank', from 'Breaking Bad' steps in to give this a slightly commedic edge :() Really entertaining piece of infoMATION ;()

Interesting the 'THC' title is meant to tie Stone Age hunter-gatherers in with the use of drugs, when in quickly it becomes quite apparent that we are in 'The Stoned Ages' right now :()

.. even if we wanted to, mankind could not get away from drug-use without someone spraying X-icide all over the entire planet!!! GOD FORBID!!!

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