Did The CIA "Suicide" Aaron Swartz ??

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An intelligence analyst tells Press TV that rogue elements within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are responsible for the assassination of American dissident Aaron Swartz. He also added that the US mainstream media has also turned a blind eye to the issue. US internet activist Aaron Swartz, who was an outspoken critic of US President Barack Obama's policies was recently found hanged in his apartment. The 26-year-old blogger and computer prodigy was found dead in his apartment in Brooklyn, New York City, on January 11. Swartz died weeks before he was scheduled to face a trial on accusations of hacking a website and downloading millions of academic papers. Brooklyn's chief medical examiner ruled the death a 'suicide by hanging,' but no further details were available about the mysterious death. Last year, Swartz openly criticized Washington and the Tel Aviv regime for launching joint cyber attacks against Iran. He was also critical of Obama's "kill list," a list of individuals who are suspected of terrorism by the US and are listed for targeted killing after final approval by the US president himself. Press TV has conducted an interview with Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today (Ohio) to have his opinion about the issue of Swartz's death.Join my facebook page to meet some great minds that share some really interesting stuff and keep on top of all the latest news ... https://www.facebook.com/groups/150094508451164/

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