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ET confirmed in NASA control room by Shuttle Crew

  • Nibiru
  • uploaded: Aug 16, 2007
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This is the final (unwilling) say about ET existence in the Universe. No more lies or speculations. NASA control room with big screen and Crew of Shuttle Discovery confirms whatâ??s real. These historical words; â??â?¦Houston, this is Discovery, we still have the ALIEN SPACECRAFT under observanceâ?¦â? are unrevealing more than 50 years of lies and deceiving. NASA and SETI have nothing to look for anymore. There are many Intelligences present in the Universe and more than one in our Solar System alone (we are plus the others). Close this chapter. Go for real scientific study on this subject conducted by WHOLE WORLD SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY. Inquisition died hundreds of years ago; THERE IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF ANYMORE.

Video-searched and assembled by Copernicus2
Music performed and composed by Copernicus2

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  • Everett#

    Everett December 7, 2009 12:18:22 AM CET

    I'm a believer, however the problem I see with this video is the astronauts and ground control even to this day have a certain "lingo" or code words for procedures, operations and things they witness. The words "alien spacecraft" doesn't jive or is ever heard in other NASA footage or transmissions.

  • Lilbuddhaman#

    Lilbuddhaman August 2, 2009 6:20:37 PM CEST

    ahh madcow, still passing the grade when debunking everything. I hope they pay you well...What would it actually take for you to admit the truth? How much evidence has to be presented before you will acknowledge that we are not alone?

  • Gonendunit#

    Gonendunit October 14, 2008 12:41:51 AM CEST

    I believe

  • Masterle#

    Masterle October 13, 2007 12:14:53 PM CEST

    90% of the people can't handle the truth, the have been lied to for 50 years, so they are too blind to see that the gov loves to LIE and LIE...

  • Neutralboy#

    Neutralboy August 30, 2007 6:00:25 AM CEST

    Don't worry about it Barbaric Some people are just too close minded and afraid of change.

  • Barbaric#

    Barbaric August 25, 2007 3:51:30 PM CEST

    I think it is time for you to watch the footage of "The tether incident " ,where they are almost surrounded by many MANY of the same "entities" as on can see on screen here. Fair chance you wont give a rats ass anymore how they call it or weather your hearing the real audio......

  • Cfmadcow#

    Cfmadcow August 16, 2007 7:24:55 PM CEST

    If it were really just that easy...Any geek with just a little computer ext can easily overdub that fake audio track over real nasa footage. Nice try though, I am sure you fooled a few with that one.

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