Sandy Hook GingerBread House Dad calls in to Glen Beck

Glen Beck takes a call from a Ginger Bread House dad, scout leader, sickened by Conspiracy theory's, relating them to 9/11 Conspiracies. He's a first responder for credibility, telling an elaborate story about his experience, DRIVING down to the school, his kid coming out of the school about 7 minutes after arriving at the school. ..remember he says he couldn't get half way down the road to the firehouse by the time he got there. He wasn't allowed into the school, but knew what it looked like because one of his friends was a survivor. He can't share too much cause he needs to protect? Glen reinforces that he's calling because of the "conspiracy theories" ...thought he would start crying for a minute there...and he want's to talk about all the good things that came out with this event; and he's going to set the story straight .."conspiracy theories" = how many times= linguistic programing...and theories are the ones he's saying..and how dangerous it is to allow such things for saving institutions ...GlenSHILLbeck since day one. Loved all his 9/11,R.P,dangerousTruthersBS back in the day. MagicUnderoo's boy needs his diaperchanged

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