Brian Cox in conversation with Robyn Williams [HD] The Science Show, ABC Radio National Eventually, everything that can happen does happen. Brian Cox discusses this and other probabilities which can all be found in his book The Quantum Universe. Themes: 00:33 - Is it true that everything that can happen does happen? 05:35 - Public response to The Quantum Universe
07:08 - The Higgs particle - the most important discovery in our lifetime
11:45 - The Infinite Monkey Cage - mixing science and comedy
14:26 - The importance of science in popular culture
19:08 - Filming the BBC series on evolutionary biology
24:40 - Attitude to filming for TV and why scientists need to learn to deal with the media

Guest: Brian Cox
Professor of Particle Physics, University of Manchester, UK

Publication: The Quantum Universe
Author: Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw
Publisher: Penguin UK,,9781846144325,00.html

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