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Brian Cox in conversation with Robyn Williams [HD] The Science Show, ABC Radio National

http://abc.net.au/radionational/scienceshow Eventually, everything that can happen does happen. Brian Cox discusses this and other probabilities which can all be found in his book The Quantum Universe. Themes: 00:33 - Is it true that everything that can happen does happen? 05:35 - Public response to The Quantum Universe
07:08 - The Higgs particle - the most important discovery in our lifetime
11:45 - The Infinite Monkey Cage - mixing science and comedy
14:26 - The importance of science in popular culture
19:08 - Filming the BBC series on evolutionary biology
24:40 - Attitude to filming for TV and why scientists need to learn to deal with the media

Guest: Brian Cox
Professor of Particle Physics, University of Manchester, UK

Publication: The Quantum Universe
Author: Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw
Publisher: Penguin UK

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