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Sandy Hook Fully Exposed - OFFICIAL PART 2


  • Michael777#

    Michael777 January 25, 2013 12:54:09 AM CET

    I wonder if this drill was supposed to 'go hot' and one of, or all, the shooters backed out? Its funny that so many of the people who appeared on camera are members of the screen actors guild, not one shot of crime scene, and some of the players clearly put up their 'memorial pages' too soon. The public is now being told it is "crazy" to question this? Where have we heard that before? and of course, right on cue, the government is now using this staged event (regardless of how much of it is real or fake) to put through more unconstitutional statutes... Folks perilous times are ahead.... those of you who are wise would do well to take steps to prepare. Watch out for their global King... They are preparing the way for his appearance, and they will demand your allegiance to him or you will be isolated.

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