Sandy Hook Hoax Part 5 - Sandy Hook Truther Murder Attempt?

Get Well Soon, Oleem!


Update!: Here is Oleem's video!!! Someone else grabbed it before his family took it down:

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Sandy Hook Hoax Part 1 "Victims" Emilie Parker & Jesse Lewis still alive, posing w Pres. Obomber!

Also check out Sandy Hook Hoax ADDENDEM to Pt. 1 (Emilie Parker & Jessie Lewis alive posing w/Obomber) for additional, follow-up information

Sandy Hook Hoax Part 2 - Victoria Soto Bombshell: she's still alive & playing her own sister!"

Sandy Hook Hoax Part 3 - The Tearless Families (Smoking gun #1, so to speak)

Part 4 Mass Media Mind Control and evidence of a drill, not a blood spill:

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