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WAR! Korea, China, Japan: Time to Leave America!

1. Message in dreams. a. Young reporter goes to China border. There is a station for reporters at border. She works there. Crossing is forbidden, but somehow, information is coming through. b. There is a war, civil war, or cross-border conflict with Korea... something is happening, it is war inside China. c. The young lady reporter gets a good scoop. She publishes an article which gets noticeable attention. I see a newspaper. Beneath a photo are five little insets of photos, quotes, or photos and names... something like that. Each of these insets identifies another reporter. One of these listed journalists is an older male journalist named sla Gaffe. I see there are two f's in his name, two f's together, like ff.d. This Gaffe had mentored the young lady and so now phones her. He is professional and expresses disappointment and lectures her about courtesy and the expectations of professional relationship. This young lady just yaps, she is listening to herself giving justification, thinking to herself how good she sounds, really.e. Somewhere in this series of dreams, I see Bush holding his shoulder. Then, quickly, I see him in the hospital. He survives the shooting, he at least does not die immediately. f. (I think the fighting in Asia stops. Then: ) China comes against Japan. I see a flurry of activity on the western shore of Japan. Japan is shaped like a banana, with the convex side toward China. On this hump, in the central part of this Japanese shore, I see a white light become bright quickly. I don't know if this is a landing, a missile attack, diplomatic activity, or what. I just see the light. Then I see the mind of Japan look at what is happening and it quits.g. I hear a voice, "This is your warning, when Japan folds to China."Note: Also, somewhere in the midst of all this- I am not sure when -the president of America is shot and rushed to the hospital.The destruction of America has also been seen in visions by A. A. Allen- the famous evangelist of the 1950's, in whose services God healed many people; Henry Gruver of Joyful Sound Ministries who has served God over 50 years walking American cities and in international evangelism; and David Wilkerson, a well-known American pastor on the east coast with a prophetic component to his ministry.June 17, 2009: Here is a link (thanks to Darryl of watchmanscry.com) to an article which states that Mitch Koss was the mentor to LISA Ling, older sister to Laura Ling. The quote is in a book titled, "Power Mentoring". Mitch Koss apparently is a man who mentors. Link to article: http://epicanthus.net/2009/06/11/who-is-mitchell-koss-and-why-isnt-he-ta...

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