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Ron Paul - Why Alex Jones Can Work for the Elite & Expose them


  • Michael777#

    Michael777 January 24, 2013 11:58:17 PM CET

    I've had misgivings about Alex Jones since i would repeatedly hear him slam Christians on his broadcast (while claiming he was a Christian) then bring on people like Jordanius Maximus (aka Jordan Maxwell) and others of his ilk, who are actively seeking to spread disinfo about Christianity. If in fact Alex needed someone to expose Masonic symbolism, there are much better people out there (ie Texx Mars) who would do a better job, without having a Masonic agenda to trash over Christianity with a pile of fabricated and disjointed lies. Jordan Maxwell even says he 'got this mission' from "aliens" while on one of their "craft"... The video is on Youtube.... He also mentions that Helena Blavatsky (the occult NWO queen) was one of his heros.

    Alex knows all this, and invites this type of person on his show in an attempt to spread his standing and credibility within the so-called "truth movement".... Now that is crafty folks! Jordan Maxwell is the "good cop" side of the NWO con game, and there he is on the Alex Jones show. (Blues Clues)

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