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The curious tale of Professor Brian Cox and the end of Life, The Universe and Everything


No Brian Coxes, furry animals or celestial bodies were harmed during the making of this vid!
If you were affected by any of the issues raised -- don't be -- or Professor Brian will come round to your house and stamp on all your toys. Good kids!
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Music is the excellent 'Death in Vegas' by Dirge
Huge thanks to the BBC and all the clip makers!
I do not own any rights for this material and no illegal use of copyrighted material is intended. Any material presented here is used only for raising a smile and fan purposes!

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  • Noentry#online

    Noentry January 22, 2013 4:01:28 AM CET

    HAHA very funny.

    Brian Cox is the Mick Jagger of scientific world.
    Would you believe he is 45 this year. Looks great for his age.

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