Message In A Bottle - 76 Years At Sea!

Message in a bottle washes up in New Zealand after 76 years at sea.

Full Story:

Taking a stroll on the beach in New Zealand, you never know what you might find.

In the true spirit of adventure, Geoff Flood and his son discovered this message in a bottle.

And imagine their surprise to discover it was 76 years old!

[Geoff Flood, Bottle Finder]:
"Who knows where it's been. How many times around the world, you just wouldn't know, would you?"

But sadly the message was not a map for buried treasure, a King's ransom note, or a desperate plea from a shipwrecked sailor stranded on some distant isle.

But just a simple note saying "at sea. Please take this note to the address given below."

The message was signed "H E Hillbrick", and the address was for the Australian city of Perth.

And although H E Hillbrick died in the 1940's, Flood was able to find his grandson, Peter Hillbrick.

[Peter Hillbrick, Grandson of Note Writer]:
"For this one to be floating around in the ocean for 76 years and just all of a sudden pop up in New Zealand. Where has it been? What story is it going to tell.The only connection I have with Grandfather is now that bottle. That's about all. So, it's a fascinating story."

Local media report that Peter Hillbrick has decided to donate the bottle to a maritime museum in New Zealand.

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