The Keeper's. ESSETAI HMAR! means the day will come!

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You listen to Us, and listen good, because this will be the one and only time that We will tell you this:
1. You may think you are a LIght Being. You are NOT! You are not even a LightWorker.
2. You may think about yourself that you are an evil soul who needs to annoy people. You are not this either.
3. You may think you have a mission. You DONT have any mission.
4. You are just one normal Earth Human. You are no better or worse than most people on this miserable planet. Your only concern should be the same as all the Earth Humans: To try and cause this planet and the rest of the humans, as little damage as you can, during your sort lives here and to prepare yourselves, so that when the time comes, for you to be able to choose which side to take: the one in which you'll end up either being slaves or food, or the one that will give you a better world! It is not Our intention to help you or anyone else to take this decision, and it's not Our task to show you the path. You'll need to be able to do it by yourself. But if this will make you feel any better:There is still a long way to go before this day comes.
5. We do not deal or participate to conflicts with normal Earth Humans, as it would be for Us a waste of time. Our wars take place on the Spiritual Levels, meaning the Astric Levels. Earth Humans DONT interfere in these Levels. Your frequency and vibrations as a tribe are still very law to be able to get there as souls or via your spirits. In other words, you as an individual are NOT in any kind of danger from Us.
6. About Alaje, We had met him once two years ago when he had visited Our country. He is not even German as you think. He is American, or at least that's what We thought. The point though is that he is really a Pleiadian, and We don't care if you agree and believe this or not. He has succeeded in all of Our tests and We discovered no evilness in him, on the contrary, We judged that he was full of Love. If he was evil, We would have understood that and we would have destroyed him in the Spiritual Levels, as We have done with so many more. We don't want you to misunderstand Our words about Pleiadians. Not all of them are good. There are evil Pleiadians too, it depends from which star they are coming, but Alaje is not among them.
7. We are glad to see in your message to Us, that you have already understood that you should have left Alaje alone. Because even if you were right about him, you are hurting more people by confusing them or making them being negative, either towards Alaje, or towards you, meaning making them angry and so making them to attack you or someone else, or even by just making them sad, and all this is causing bad vibrations.

We are the Keepers, Descendants of the EL. We fear nobody and nothing. May Our message reveal to you a new path for a better future. If it wont, do what you want, but keep away from conflicts. Don't be happy with other peoples sadness, don't make others angry. Ignore everything that annoys you and concentrate on improving yourself. Don't argue with people, don't smoke, eat healthy food, don't drink alcohol, don't take drugs, make love (doesn't matter if you are straight or gay), laugh as much as you can, think positive, visit Energy places, make excursions to the nature, especially the mountains and meditate every single day.



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