How you avoid a penalty on the train / Sådan slipper man for en bøde i toget

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Sådan slipper man for en bøde i toget
How you avoid a penalty on the train

The "Freeman on the land"
movement in USA really
wakes up the public to their
god-given rights by getting
informed AND TAKE
ACTION to show the way
forward, away from a hi-
tech global tyranny to a free
and fair world for everyone.

This time it is someone from
Denmark who step up to the
task . . .

* Do not film me
* I am just filming and I do
not accept your system, it
is a fictive system. I am a
human being, not a
number like you would like
* I am not the one who
want this
* Maybe, but this system is
a fraud.

* If I stand in a courtroom
and say this court is a
fraud, that I do not accept
any of this because I am a
human, then there will
come a new judge and a
new case out of it because
I am a human of flesh and
blood. You want to judge
me and make me pay?

* I have paid all my life, I
have been totally
overwhelmed, but you
are my brothers and I
love you but I do not
accept your uniform,
your clown costume, do
you understand me?
* No, I do not understand.

* I know you don't
understand, but
this is just the way
it is. I am not
under your rules
any more, your old
paradigm. I am a
freedom activist . . .

* I've been a soldier for 13
years in Afghanistan, I've
earned my money so I have
not gotten anything for
* Just send the fine back in

* I am not sending
anything in because
I am not going to
use it for anything. I
also got a fine the
other day where I
accidently signed it,
but I can't use it for

* I had to send in an invoice
to you (and to you) in order
to not waste my time.
Would you please give me
your work numbers on
* You can have that, it is

* And yours?
* I am not saying anything
to this (the camera).
* But you are already
doing this anyway. You
must know that I do not
accept this and you can't
use any of this. You can
call the police and let us
take it from there.

* We have some rules here...
* Yes, but these rules do not
apply to me anymore, and
nor to you if would only
bother look into things
for yourselves. Goto or search
on youtube for
"denmoderneslave" then
you will understand that . . ,

* You need to have a piece
of paper. . .
* No, I do not need a
paper; that's the old
doctrines. I am a human,
no one can tell me what to
do. I have been a soldier,
send out to steal Heroin
and Oil for our country . . .

* I have been a gangster
for the government, do
you understand this? We
do not have a government,
democracy does not exist.
Brothers: You can just try to
touch me and hold me back,
but then you will violate
other laws.

* I recognize you as my
brothers, you are
humans just like me,
you also work, you are
also slaves to the
paycheck. If you believe that
life is only about making
money until you turn 65
without getting anywhere,
then be my guest.

* It is just a job
* It is a job, but listen; I
have been abused for 13
years by the army, I have
been to war.
* I respect that

* It may be, I also respect
that you stand here now,
but if you would just get
informed brother, you
would understand that
you do not need to. We
need a revolution, it got
to be peacefull and it
is coming together with
the spiritual awakening.

* Do you understand? Our
consciousness must be
extended. You must
understand that you don't
need this, no body does.
We have enough
technology . . .
Thats the way, great man,
"yes sir" I think they got it.


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