UFO Adelaide, South Australia 20 Jan 2013 - UFO observing weather balloon - metal craft

  • Uploaded by 8seconds on Jan 22, 2013
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Witness Statement:
Used my Canon A480 pocket camera at maximum zoom to video a weather balloon (verified by met bureau, launched 10 am at Adelaide airport, with a clear canopy) tracking south east at about 4000 feet 20 Jan 2013 at approx 10.30 am.

Filmed passing over Daw Park, Adelaide, South Australia.

Examination of two short video clips show one or more very high speed UFO objects observing the weather balloon. Stripped out frames show UFO as orb, and as saucer shape craft crossing left to right in best footage of the clip.

Camera pointing south east with rising sun (north east) to left of screen. Reflection clearly visible on left side of saucer craft suggesting metallic construction.

Close examination also showed orb craft not visible until frames stripped out. UFO silent and extremely fast moving. Not apparent to casual observer.

Accidental recording of UFO - I initially thought the weather balloon was a UFO.

I later videoed empty sky to see if anything else showed up when frames stripped out.

Got two more craft and will put up video on these later.

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