Watch Michelle Obama Throw World Historical Shade at John Boehner

  • Uploaded by OtherNews on Jan 23, 2013
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Monday’s post-inaugural luncheon was a case study in body language--and nearly all of the physical evidence centered on House Speaker John Boehner. One interaction in particular has already become an Internet meme today: Michelle Obama rolling her eyes after listening to a comment from the Ohio congressman.

Tumblr blogger “Mattyrab” was the first to capture the eye roll in action, sharing video of the exchange with the world in a display described as a “historical moment in shade throwing.”

The video has already been shared thousands of times across social media sites with viewers speculating on what sparked the First Lady’s facial expression.

We don’t have audio of their exchange, so for now it’s impossible to know exactly what Boehner said to Obama. In fact, it’s entirely possible that her eye roll was simply a reaction to an innocuous joke from Boehner.

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