The Money Institution Must Be Ended - Anonymous Voice Over

  • Uploaded by Beforealt on Jan 23, 2013
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In response to the comments I put this link to a British town where anyone and everyone is growing food anywhere: modern Economics and the existing institution of money are based on fraud and enforced by corrupt law.The fraud lies in the premise that money can store value which can only be true if money has intrinsic value.But the reality is that our money has zero intrinsic value.Money has only one bona fide function - the unit of account - whose purpose is to provide an accurate and reliable means of measuring and expressing the value of things which have value.Bona fide units of account cannot have any other function than measurement.Allowing the monetary unit of account to have value destroys its function as a unit of account which thereby becomes the modus operandi of the greatest racket of all time, where the racketeers are not criminals because their racket is backed and enforced by the laws of legal tender.The organization of this racket is now global.(Cont)

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