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Caroline Muir: Sacred Sexuallity [Divine Feminine Institute]

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Spiritual Sexual EducationĀ® for Men and Women.

Serving both men and women who are interested in awakening to their full human potential. We are a synergy of teachers from many lineages who have become enlivened through the nurturing, awakening, and healing of our essential sexual and spiritual energies. We have discovered that our sexual (life) energy is expanded and nourished by bringing a spiritual awareness to it.The mission of Divine Feminine-Awakened Masculine Institute is to awaken the erotic soul, to realize the integration of masculine and feminine wisdom in our lives through experiential education, sexual healing, and energy practice. The Divine Feminine (Eros) in sublime harmony with the Awakened Masculine (Logos) offers us a joyful means to awaken the power inherent in our sexual nature. As this dynamic integration emerges, we feel more connected to the cycles of the earth, to our true emotions, and to the power and sacredness of our sexuality. When we awaken the erotic soul, we experience greater aliveness, natural pleasure, and a deeper dimension of love in our relationships. This deepening of connection then radiates out to all aspects of our awareness.


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