'Kashmir warned of possible nuclear attack'

In a first-of-its-kind move that has sent shock waves across Indian controlled Kashmir, officials have issued a detailed advisory to people, advising them to prepare for a possible nuclear war by building bomb proof basements and stockpile non-perishable food, water, candles and battery lights. The advisory comes in the backdrop of escalating tension between two estranged nuclear powers - India and Pakistan - after recent border skirmishes.

The advisory, published in a local English-language newspaper, provides meticulous details on precautionary measures to be taken including the construction of bombproof basements where the whole family can stay for a fortnight. In the case of attack, it asks people to drop to ground and remain in lying position. "Stay down after the initial shock wave, wait for the winds to die down and debris to stop falling. If blast wave does not arrive within five seconds of the flash, you were far enough from the ground zero."

Kashmir's Chief minister, Omar Abdullah, has described the advisory as "daft idea". On the other hand, officials say it is a routine advisory to create awareness among people. Observers believe that use of nuclear weapons around or within Kashmir will be disastrous for the entire world.

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