MARTIAL LAW: OBAMA- Military Fire on Americans?

Martial Law preparations? Obama admin asking military command about firing on Americans. Dr Jim Garrow, a Nobel Prize winner for actually doing something, on Obama. NORTHCOM prepares and stages for CIVIL UNREST
NORTHCOM Marine Commander forced out
ADMIRALS and GENERALS forced out over last yrs, after events like Benghazi
Retired military commanders that have spoken out in the last 8yrs alone
DHS purchases of ammunition well over a BILLION recently
NDAA which included funding for "internment camps" for the likes of Halliburton
There is no "jobless recovery" ...and if it's not enough that the official "debt" is over 17 TRILLION (without derivatives & other obligations) ..lets look at some most recent events where countries like Germany want their GOLD ...and are being pushed off for 7yr.
Look at what's been done with Silver investing and control of values
More military? Penetta tells Congress that global orgs like NATO and or U.N. give marching orders to the U.S. military

on and on and on and on ...and if YOU don't see what's been going on since at least the NAFTA/CAFTA/GAT chess moves by these U.S./D.C. CORPORATION globalists..then get lost; you're part of the problem

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