Metamorphic UFO over Gteborg (Sweden) 2013.01.24 ?

  • Uploaded by Grey on Jan 25, 2013
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PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING!This is the enhanced and slowed down version of the previous sighting uploaded yesterday, an added digital zoom has been added in order to show the craft up closer, the craft seems to be altering its shape and after thoroughly analyzing this close up i am starting to think that this is "something" else, in other words a UFO. It does not look or behaves like an average airplane, as usual you are the one to decide for yourself what you believe.Here is the descriptionWe recorded this around 5.20-5.45 pm (17.20-17.45 in Swedish time) in Gteborg, at first we saw a blinking object moving quickly towards our part of the city from the northeast direction, the craft turned out to be some smaller type of jet probably a military scout jet. In the first segment of the video you can see the scout plane surveying the area twice, later on something else showed up glowing above an antenna, behaving odd as usual, "levitating" and flying sideways while glowing way to much for an average airplane. Its behaviour is very odd, and i do not believe it is a mere coincidence that it showed up just after the military survey plane left the area, this potential UFO or aicraft is also violating altitude laws with its behavior so something is really off with this craft, i will however let you be the judge of what you think about this sighting. I am not forcing anyone to either believe in the footage or dismiss it, the choice is yours, just be respectful and polite when you comment or do not comment at all, all comments that consists of either insults or trolling will be deleted and most of the time lead to a instant block!

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