Operation Paul Revere Launches

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To harness the power of liberty lovers in the face of the unprecedented attacks on human freedom, we are launching our biggest, most important contest ever.
Obama & Biden are rallying the public to get behind restricting our guns because they don't have the support of the people — neither does the controlled Republican party. Internet news shows are already dominating the state run media like CNN but the internet is in danger as statists are moving ahead with the internet kill switch and other more subtle censorship mechanisms.
We need an all out offensive in the InfoWar. Although we're going all out with the nightly news show, syndicated radio and special reports that reach tens of millions a week, we're so busy that we don't have time to create the big films as we've done in the past. InfoWars has produced more than 20 films that have conservatively reached hundreds of millions of people by putting them out on the internet for free while we've financed production by selling DVDs. So we want to invest in a contest to turn loose the creative power of We the People. Three winners will receive cash prizes totaling $115,000.
Three (3) Cash Prizes will be awarded:
Grand Prize -- $100,000 cash
Second Place -- $10,000 cash
Third Place -- $5,000 cash
There are more rules than the usual contest since it is a high dollar amount, so read the Requirements carefully.
Send entries to: PaulRevere@infowars.com
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