UFO's, Mysterious Stones & Sounds

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed radiation refugees in Japan, an unidentified low level humming sound in Canada & England, mysterious ancient stone circles in the Middle East, and recent sightings of UFOs in the Northern Territory of Australia. In her first report, she interviewed Prof. Frank Daulton, an American-born university professor, living 311 miles west of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. He's measured radiation in his house and yard and found three to five times the amount that the Japanese government says is current "safe" environmental background. He suggested that the Japanese government is keeping the truth about radiation exposure from the public, as they don't want to alarm citizens and create chaos. Meanwhile, an exodus is slowly beginning, and Daulton said he is so concerned about the health of his family, that he's sending them to live in another country. More here. For the past several months, residents on two sides of the Northern Hemisphere have been reporting the same mystery: a pulsing "hum," similar to a running motor, that is keeping people awake at night (not unlike what became known as the "Taos Hum.") A group in Windsor, Canada is even working with a lawyer to file a class action suit against a government agency that has failed to identify or stop the irritating sound. Linda spoke with Gary Grosse, who has investigated the problem in Windsor. He suspects the sound may be connected with an industrial area called Zug Island ...

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