HD Real Clear Genuine Investigated Beautiful UFO Ovni Flying Saucer Ship Craft: Hants UK 2011

Homehttp://www.beamsinvestigations.org.uk/Please read these notes as they are very important to the case:I have reposted this video here in its original form..What you see now is exactly how this wonderful object was originally recorded.Footage of probably the best UK UFO so far. This is real, NOT CG, although many might find that hard to believe, but I assure the viewer that this is not computer-generated, or a model... but a real mystery object.It was was captured while Witness 'S' (as we refer to him), was out sky watching, when he suddenly saw the ufo at some height, before it swept down and hovered low and silently... at a location in Hampshire, UK, late 2011 Standing at a relatively safe distance, he snapped out of his amazed state as he watched the craft bathing the ground in lovely colours as it hovered, reached into his bag and grabbed his camera out... nervously switching it to the video setting, he managed to record this valuable segement.Eventually the craft lifted up again and sped toward the direction of Portsdown Hill.I have interviewed this chap thoroughly, and even been out with him on numerous watches and seen a few odd things myself: He is an honest person, a family man with a responsible work position, has little knowledge about computerised gadgets and desires privacy, so wishes not to be named.The budget-priced DSLR camera he used was set on autofocus, and this is what is causing this constant and very annoying, in and out-of-focus problem; because on automatic setting, very often the mechanism doesn't know where to focus on, the foreground or background... a confusion for the camera compounded by videoing in the dark.

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