TYT vs 'Sandy Hook Truthers' - NewSpeak, Reading between the lines!

~credits video-edit: http://youtube.com/PoliceStateRadio This has to be the strangest psyop operation I've ever seen. I got the feeling while listening carefully to Cenk Uygur's defense of "poor Gene Rosen" that he was actually telling us how he actually feels about Creepy Gene. It's the only way to explain this monumental lapse of reason.

Not posting Eugene Rosen's YouCube link here because I want people to go and harass the "poor old fart". I doubt if that is really even him but the channel is another interesting piece of the man from the Little Yellow House's puzzle.

Damn Connecticut
Fairfield Hills State Hospital, Newtown

Sandy Hook Truthers Harass Samaritan Hero

Freaky Gene Rosen & His Link To Fairfield State Hospital

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