Lawrence Krauss: Should Science Teachers Be Paid More Than Humanities Teachers?

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Lawrence Krauss argues for differential pay scales for teachers with advanced training in science and math to accommodate the free market. Transcript -- I've thought a lot about public education and science because it's important to me that kids get exposure to some of the greatest ideas that humans have ever developed and just to enjoy them. I don't think there's one magic bullet to solving our problems of education, but there are a number of issues that I think are useful to consider. One is we rely too much on teaching answers, on facts. What's interesting are the questions. The questions are what are natural. Every kid grows up asking where did I come from, where am I my going, you know, am I alone in the universe? These fascinating questions... but they don't realize that they are the questions that scientists ask. And so I would like to base a curriculum more on questions than answers because the process of asking the questions and figuring out how to address them is what science is all about. The answers are not important because most kids won't necessarily become scientists, but the tools of science, of trying to explore the universe and distinguish sense from nonsense and take a complicated situation and simplify it enough to address it. And the fact that science addresses the most remarkable questions that are in each of us, are the things that we want to instill in children. So it would be great to develop a curriculum where we base it on the very questions ...

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