UFO Research & Interdimensional Beings

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Researcher Ann Druffel spoke about alien abduction, interdimensional entities, end times and her biography of UFO investigator Dr. James McDonald. A renowned atmospheric physicist, McDonald became a pioneering UFO researcher in the 1960s. McDonald had written in his journals of remarkable sightings by military personnel and was possibly getting close to classified sources, said Druffel, who suspects that his 1971 suicide might have been "helped along" by government agents who wanted to silence him. Druffel hypothesized that the majority of "alien abductions" are carried out by interdimensional creatures, a third order of creation seen by most all cultures, that are "posing" as occupants from UFOs to Westerners. Known as jinns in the Muslim world, these beings that inhabit a "paraphysical" realm, might be influencing Islamic terrorists and insurgents to perform horrific acts of terror, she speculated. Druffel worked with the late psychic Armand Marcotte in her study of end times and prophecy. In the mid-90s, Marcotte predicted we would soon enter a "world wide war perpetrated by terrorists in the grip of evil." She concluded from Marcotte's readings that we are likely in end times now and that the Antichrist could be thought of as the United Nations rather than an individual. Biography: Ann Druffel began investigating UFO reports in the Southern California area in April 1957 with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), which was directed by the ...

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