Bark Tanned Leather Hunter Pouch - Possibles Bag

  • Uploaded by prepordie on Jan 27, 2013
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Grain on bark tanned leather hunter pouch or possibles bag made from deer harvested 2 years back. I made vegetable tanned leather from that deer hide which is now an axe mask and this pouch among other things. The deer's hoof serves as a button to hold the pouch closed. Main purpose: to carry lack powder rifle hunting gear. My old storebought black powder pouch wore out, so I had a need and used what was locally available to remedy the situation. Similar to what folks call a haversack, except it's about 1/3 to 1/2 the depth of a typical haversack and is used to hold hunting supplies rather than food and utility items. Around here it's called a possibles bag, because you store items in it that you may possibly need when out in the woods hunting and trapping. I'll use this pouch, a bark tanned belt pouch, and the buckskin tinder pouch for bushcraft outings, foraging, hiking, deer and squirrel hunting. How I made the possibles bag: one piece of grain on leather 12"" x 18". I used a leather punch and regular sewing needle along with Spiderwire fishing line to sew it up, inside out, 6" on two sides, which left a 6" flap to close it up and run a deer hoof button through. I sewed around the button hole with the Speedy stitcher awl and used two scrap pieces of bark tan leather for belt loops, sewed them on with the speedy stitcher as well. For comparison, here's the old pouch and what I'll be carrying during deer hunting season: Here's how I made the buckskin ...

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