Marijuana Cultivation: Super-Cropping [Issei Productions]

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Patients Without Time, Maui, Hawaii, and Prof. Brian Murphy, ThC, present a lesson in Super Cropping for maximum yield for medical marijuana, narrated by The FarmAssist.

Patients Without Time (PWT) is a medical cannabis support and informational network. We share information concerning Hawai'i medicinal cannabis / marijuana laws and practices.

Partnered with Maui County Citizens For Democracy In Action (MCCFDIA), PWT has mounted an extensive campaign on both the County and State levels to better provide for the medical cannabis / marijuana patients in Hawaii.

Maui County Citizens For Democracy In Action ( is in the midst of the largest citizen's voter registration drive ever seen on Maui. Serving Maui's advocacy groups like Patients Without Time (PWT) and Citizens Action Now (CAN), MCCFDIA emphasizes the need to utilize the Democratic Process, and your Initiative power, to enact the changes our people need.

Music: "School Days" recorded by Louis Jordan

Video recorded and edited by Issei Productions.
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