Man Vs. Machine Transhumanism's Rapture Age of Avatar (Beyond 2013)

The AGE OF AVATAR (video has clips of Jason Silva, Ken WIlbur, Ray Kurzweil, and coast to coast interview with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell & Dr. Scott D. de Hart on their book "Transhumanism A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas" ...Delete Scenes in...

The AGE OF AVATAR (video has clips of Jason Silva, Ken WIlbur, Ray Kurzweil, and coast to coast interview with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell & Dr. Scott D. de Hart on their book "Transhumanism A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas" ...Delete Scenes include Roboy & ASIMO)

Listen closely to the language and images that are used in this video......words like "cloud", "exponential", "implant", "chip" ....We are no longer in the information age....Information has given birth to a new is what we call "THE AGE OF AVATAR"... The word 'AVATAR' is from the sanskrit meaning "An incarnate god or deity". As we forge further and further into the future, the lines between reality and fantasy will become blurred. From the "Hunger Games" type splitting of civilization, to the cyborg Terminator-Skynet reality, ending in a Revelation Style scene where Armageddon is played out on in a dehumanized master theatre. This series of videos, will explore how very powerful people are becoming "gods"; how technology is seperating those that have the information/weild the knowledge and those that are ignorant of reality but embrace technologies that engross them in fantasy; and how the future is NOW! Technology doubles every 13 months, but yet people are sitting in front of their TV's listening to wise fables and lies! WAKE UP CHURCH!!! Science has transformed it is now Sci-ligion!!! Spirituality cannot be denied any longer by the scientific community. The "God Particle" has been found, and the doors have been opened... Transhumanism has already began with the infusion of GMO's into our food supply, and nanobots are just a hop, skip & jump away from our breakfast tables. Powers & Principalities will bee seen more by people who have no belief in God. Blue beams will create Blue gods that will rhythmically empower blue beings..... This is not a joke, most people spend their observing the wind but they never watch...they never PRAY...they never do what The Lord Jesus Christ told us to do.... Understand the Signs of the Times...... GOOGLE GLASSES and APPLE iGlass......Transgenics, Eugenics, Chimeras, and mutant hybrids......

Wake Up!!! Daniel 12:4

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