1/20/2013 -- RE: The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed [DEBUNKED] by Sheilaaliens

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sorry! the split screen showed my backgrounds changing via desktop slideshow ..read on.. --------- minor correction Brothers name Ryan Lanza (said mark in the video) Additionally, things I spoke about in this video.. You CAN change a tweet .. using a 3rd party app like Vimeo.. anyone can recreate this experiment.. go to vimeo.. upload a video.. then tweet it... THEN change the video on vimeo , change the title and text as well if you want.. You'll see that your TWEET CHANGES after about 1 day ! the title stays, but the text and content do indeed change. Proving you can change a tweet via a 3rd party app. example here: twitter.com ------------ You CAN change a google result as well.. while leaving the timestamp to be old !!! making a post appear to be made before an incident. Did that experiment as well.. I changed a post on my blog from Sept 2011 to include "sandy hook" in the title AND in the text AND in the URL.. Turns out.. Google updated the search !!! The title changed, the text changed, the cache changed, the google screenshot changed, BUT THE TIMESTAMP STAYS AT 2011 !! Giving the appearance that I somehow 'knew' about Sandy Hook back in Sept. 2011 . This invalidates google timestamps, and cache as being accurate sources of information ! This is huge. This means anyone can change anything, give a day or two, and the information appears to be older than it actually is . Basically invalidating all the timestamps and caches we see in Google. here is the example ...

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