The Cross of Thoth. The amazing secrets Behind the Ancient celtic cross

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The Cross of Thoth..... by Crichton Milleror (a good interesting film i found from)........... incredible discovery has emerged from the dust of ages ...Deep within the great pyramid is a secret that has remained hidden for over 4000 years. An ancient instrument designed to unlock mysteries that have baffled mankind for generations.Crichton Miller in his intrepid journey to uncover the secrets of the past has stumbled upon a symbol that can only be called a great treasure. Through his tenacious spirit, Miller discovered a profound secret used for millennia, once lost and now revealed for the first time.The significance of this discovery will astound .. Crichton E.M. Miller specializes in seeking truth about our ancient history and spirituality, .The Cross of Thoth reveals the hidden truth to mankind's most revered symbol.

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