Autumn Night Vision (UFO) Session 2012

A short extract of a night session with Night Vision Monocular and Infrared Lasers. Illumination of UFOs in the night sky, many unseen by human vision and only visible to infrared technology. Research of dimensional entities a part of these results have been ongoing for over 3 years with many results of unseen objects and lifeforms traversing the night sky recorded as proof. The interaction of some of these lifeforms with the researcher as defined a intelligence not that of humankind as we know it. Many of the objects have been calculated as greater in size than any known man-made flying machine and faster traveling than any recorded vehicle within earths atmosphere.
whilst other objects as microscopic in comparison, yet only seen by special techniques and infrared technology discovered by the researcher of which can be viewed on archive and a sample posted to sites as Flickr, photobucket, etc.

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