The Virus of Freedom (2013) HD

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PLEASE HELP MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!!THE VIRUS OF FREEDOM: How to Destroy the New World Order and Create World Peace and Abundance RIGHT NOW!!New EBook - How YOU Can PERSONALLY DEFEAT the NWO and CREATE PEACE RIGHT NOW!!:"This film will showcase a potential future we can each help trulycreate together..."Please receive this in the spirit it was given: Hope, Peace, Necessity and LOVE. 0:00 Prologue 4:20 Introduction11:40 What Is Reality17:20 Who Are We?22:22 Perceptions on Reality26:55 What Is Eugenics?32:00 What Is The New World Order?35:45 What Is Money?39:40 Why Are We Here?45:45 What Are We Here To Do?49:40 The Re-Humanisation Diet58:40 The Power Of IDEAS1:00:30 Permaculture1:07:48 Epilogue1:16:48 ADDENDUM: What Does A Free World Look Like?Which Path Are YOU Currently Walking?Wouldn't YOU Want To Go In The RIGHT Direction?Can We Unite Under The Common Idea Of FREEDOM??Please Download the Script Here: Download our Free E-Books HERE:

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