SANDY HOOK - Only Known Eyewitness Account of the Fire Station 30 MINUTES BEFORE 911 WAS CALLED!!

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This is the only account we have of what the fire station looked like 30 minutes before 911 was ever called. This Newtown resident recounts a very crowded fire station parking lot with lots of unmarked vehicles. The witness wishes to remain anonymous at this time, but the clues he gives to his identity could reveal it.NOTE: I am posting the link to this WITNESS with great hesitation as the public opinion of its origin has already been effectively emasculated by the main stream media as "conspiracy". Folks, their sources have proven to be just as suspect which forces us to rely on our gut feeling rather than what we are being told. Just do a search on 'CNN fake props Saudi Arabia' and you will see what I am talking about.I ask that you read the discussion contained in this link in its entirety with an open mind before deciding on its authenticity. Picture yourself as the author and what risk you would be subjected to if this information was a hoax, knowing that you could easily be tracked by our government:

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