More Strangeness In Umatilla!

Justin writes: You be the judge...not sure what was going on January 21, 2013 on the Umatilla Indian Reservation in eastern Oregon @ 11 pm last night but this is the strange audio/video I picked up. Squatch activity seems like its happening almost ever night w/ multiple audio & visual sights from credible people lately around and near Mission, Oregon. There has been a ton of notoriety about Bigfoot in our community lately, with some saying the strange noises coming from the swamp late at night is simple a coyote, fox or cougar-I honestly have no explanation either way. Whatever it is, it sounds like it has a large diaphragm, can change tones & decibels w/ ease, and sounds pretty "Squatchy" to me, after doing a lot of research on the matter. It is what it is, and this is what happened to me in the middle of the CTUIR community last night. PS after the third gunshot, listen real close, what is that thing vocalizing? That's the strangest part of the video IMHO. Peace, JQOriginal upload

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